Why build a network if you don’t put it to good use for others? We are connected to thousands of executives and hundreds of complementary companies.

Here are some world class service providers that offer solutions to some of the biggest challenges companies face. How can I create more demand? What is the right compensation model? Who can I call?

TVG Executive Search can connect you to the right resource that can help you overcome that challenge so you can focus on the next great opportunity.


A management consulting firm that specializes in creating compensation strategies designed to increase sales and customer service. For more information, visit www.collettifiss.com

A Sales 2.0 implementation company who helps companies increase revenues while decreasing sales costs. For more information, visit www.phoneworks.com

Jenna Fava Design Company is a full service graphic design firm specializing in corporate branding, print marketing and web design. Visit www.jennafavadesign.com



MXL Partners develops and optimizes sales organizations through professional sales training, sales process consulting and sales management services. By combining proven best-practices and tools with decades of practical sales leadership experience, we assess, train, coach and implement sales tools, tactics and strategies for sales reps and managers. Contact www.mxlpartners.com

A network of complimentary non-competing companies who collaborate on go to market, demand generation and strategic alliances. Learn more about ICN at www.theicngroup.com

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